About Souci Sans

About Souci Sans

The passion for contemporary design and the fascination for high handcrafted quality are for Souci Sans the motive to create design. The interplay between natural materials and the love for details gives inspiration for products with unique Character. Souci sans ist the result of a fascinating collaboration of jung designers and experienced craftsmen, who want to write sustainability, innovation and environmental consciousness with a capital.

The Souci Sans Collection 2018 appears for the first time in the exposition „Hand made in Germany – World Tour“ as a part of the international Design Fair ICFF in New York.


Souci Sans is presented by Sans Souci Objekteinrichtungen GmbH.



Mehr unter: www.sans-souci-objekteinrichtungen.com






Marta Carlesso, Clara Keseberg, Peter Klemet



Marta Carlesso, Moritz Jekat, Philipp Pusch, Christian Rühlmann, Patrick Theus